Trade Show Display DesignTrade shows have always been one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to promote your business. However, note that you have less than 3 seconds to appeal to those people walking by your display system. Here are two things to consider in order to make your trade show booths visually appealing to your potential customers.

Appeal to Your Target Audience

  • Focus on what kind of buyers you want to attract and how you are going to get them. Have a marketing message that would relate to your target audience.
  • If you use too many colors, your trade show exhibit will look too busy and will end up getting overlooked. Using less than 3 colors will attract more visitors than using numerous colors.
  • Exhibiting halls can be very dimly lit. Adding lighting can be crucial to the success of your trade show display. Whether you have a table top display or a 20x20 truss system, lighting will make a huge difference in how many people notice your display booth.


  • The graphics on your trade show exhibit should be consistent to the images on your promotional literature. It will help make your display more memorable.
  • When it comes to text, think of billboards you see along the highway. The text is very short and sweet, and large enough to be seen from a distance. The same goes for your trade show exhibit. Too much text will make your booth too overwhelming and will end up repelling potential buyers.
  • Also, if it can t be seen from a distance, it will end up getting overlooked.

With only 3 seconds to bring in a potential customer, these tips should help make your booth display much more appealing and will draw in a much larger crowd. Just remember these three words and you can t go wrong simple is more. More people are going to be interested in your Trade Show booth if you use very few colors, one or two images, and simple text.