Trade shows can be a great boost to your business. Not only it exposes your business or product to a lot of people, but it also helps you to get the most up to date information and trends that are happening in your current industry. If you are planning to exhibit or already an exhibitor in a trade show, then it would do well if your trade show booth can stand out from your competitors. This article will give you tips on how you might stand out in a trade show.


The first thing to do is to call the exhibition manager and get accurate measurements for your booth. This way you have a good idea on the space allocated at the exhibition. If you have the option of choosing a booth location, then it is best to locate your booth at a good position so your pop up display can easily stand out. Locations that you would not want to be are the ones considered as dead zones , and this are located at a middle areas of between corners. The best locations to be in are the corners of the trade shows. However, some exhibitions charge a bit more for such locations, but with careful calculation, the extra price might be worth the price.


It is important that you do what is necessary so that your booth might stand out. You have to remember that your trade show booth might be considered as a needle in a haystack. Some additions that you can do for your display booth to make it stand out would be combination of full colored bright background images, slogans, taglines or catchy phrases. Trade show graphics are important. For best results, try to get some kind of motion display.

However, be mindful of the bright colors if you are thinking of using it. Be sure that it fits to the overall theme of your company s color or branding colors. Do not forget to get good lighting, and position them optimally.

Straight To The Point Message

Just take a visit to a trade show, and you will notice that there are exhibit displays there that go overboard when it comes to conveying their message. They try to bombard the visitors with so many messages that nothing sticks to the memories of the visitors. Avoid such mistakes, and trim the fat of the message on what you want to send across. Do not use technical terms in your message, conveying messages using layman s terms is the best way to go.