hanging trade show bannersMost trade shows contain a sea of show exhibits that might seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. People attending the show are thinking to themselves: Wow where do I go first? Attendees are not usually given any kind of layout map. No, they are on their own to take in the show. Visitors of the show are going to want to take in as much as possible in the short time they are spending there.

It is the daunting task of companies who have a display booth space to not only get attention, but also bring people in to their display. They have got to make a scene in order to get seen.

Displayers know that they have only a few precious seconds to make an impression on people. Of course the bigger displays will make a bigger impact, but many of the smaller exhibits will get attention too if they are clever in the presentation and design of their display. Big or small, all are in a battle to be seen.

Then too, people come in all shapes and sizes. Ever imagined what a trade show might look like from a dog s point of view? What I mean is simply that taller people will see things differently than shorter people it cannot be helped. Everyone will have a different perspective.

Therefore it is important to remember that all people naturally tend to look up and take it all in . So those displays who have something hanging above their booth will definitely be seen. That is what is called making a scene.

Hanging signs and banners literally make a display stand above the crowd. Hanging signs and banners not only grab the attention of all visitors, they also add fullness a complete scene to the display. And these days hanging banners and signs can be made into nearly any shape. Just add excellent graphics and great lighting to polish the effect.