Attract Leads at Trade ShowsOne of the main reasons for exhibiting at trade shows is to get new leads, right? For most companies, that is the number one reason for participating in conventions.

Below are a few ways you can effectively generate leads at your trade show booth.

Have a Positive Image

Some companies may dress the part at their trade show exhibit, but may not know the answers to even the most basic questions. Other businesses may have all of the right answers, but do not wear the proper attire that would make anyone want to stop by and talk to them. If you really want to wow your audience, have both characteristics. Your clothes should be spotless and pressed to take out any wrinkles, while also being extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the products or services.

Gauge the Interest-Level of Attendees

It should be pretty easy to tell which attendees are highly interested in purchasing your product and which ones are just browsing. Every convention exhibit visitor should be talked to within the first 3 seconds of entering the booth, whether you are the one who speaks with them or it is someone from your staff. If you wait any longer, you could risk the interested parties leaving your display and going to your competitors. Train your staff on qualifying questions to ask to find out what the interest level is of each attendee. As important as it is to talk to everyone that comes to your show display, it is equally as important to spend a little extra time talking to those people who are ready to buy your product today.

Use Lead Cards

For every lead you retrieve from your exhibition booth, take their information down on a lead card. These cards should have enough room to write down the lead s contact information, their job title, and answers to any questions you asked that would give you some idea as to what they are looking for and what products they will benefit from. This is much more effective than just collecting business cards because there will possibly be hundreds or thousands of people coming in and out of your booth, meaning that some cards could get lost along the way.

Retrieving leads from the convention is essential to the success of your trade show display. These ideas should allow you to easily draw them to your exhibit and obtain any information you will need to know for future reference.