trade show factsMost people are aware that trade shows exist. Even if you do not work in the trade show industry, you have probably heard that term at some point. For those of you who do not know, trade shows are used as a way to promote new products, boost your brand, and network with others who are employed in the same industry as you.

While many companies are investing in trade show displays because of its benefits, there are still some that do not realize the full potential these events have for their business’s future. If you are thinking about joining the growing number of professionals and business owners who opt to exhibit, here are a few little known facts that may sway your decision.

1. Customers Want to See Your Face
Sure, it may be more convenient to send an email or post a status update on social media, but customers want to know who they are purchasing their products from. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 48 percent of trade show attendees believe that face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than they were two years ago. So, instead of hiding in your store or behind your computer, put yourself out there through trade shows.

2. Better Brand Awareness
Show displays are not only meant to be pleasing to the eye, but they also have an important job – to increase brand awareness. In fact, 86 percent of exhibitors have found these displays to be extremely beneficial to their business. When designed well, the booth is an excellent way to spend those marketing dollars, since it acts as a large, colorful advertisement at the event.

3. Unique Value Not Offered by Other Marketing Channels
Hubspot wrote an article on the benefits of trade shows and discovered that 99 percent of exhibitors have found unique value provided by B-to-B exhibitions that can’t be found with other marketing mediums. At B-to-B events, exhibitors are surrounded by other likeminded individuals in their industry. If they make a great first impression (check out my blog on characteristics of successful booth staff) then these professionals may even send referrals your way.

4. Exhibitions Save Money
Almost $1,000 is saved annually when markets decide to use trade shows as a marketing tool instead of other channels. This number could be in part because the lifetime costs of trade show displays and trade show venue fees will be much lower than if you chose to spend your company’s hard-earned money on print or commercial advertisements.

5. Can be Coincided with Other Marketing Campaigns
Many marketers who also dabble in exhibiting, 76 percent to be exact, use their exhibits as a way to support other marketing campaigns they have. By creating graphics that mirror the campaigns that you currently have would help strengthen your brand in the minds’ of consumers.

6. Fewer Calls Need to be Made
Do you ever get tired of those pesky sales calls you need to make? There’s always the possibility that you will get hung up on or yelled at, making it a stressful part of any sales tactic. However, when calling leads you met at the event, most of those potential customers are anticipating your call instead of being surprised by it.

Well, there you have it. Trade Shows continue to be a winning marketing tool, even in today’s digital era. For more reasons why you should get in on the exhibition trend, contact Smash Hit Displays.