fallleavesThe leaves are falling and winter is on its way. Autumn is the traditional time of the year when businesses of all sizes start making plans to get involved in trade show exhibits and conferences. Trade shows and conferences are great forms of marketing and branding. This is true across industries and sectors of all kinds. Its an exciting time for companies to plan the launch of new products, services and other promotional events.

From deciding which trade show event(s) to participate in, what it will cost to send staff, the price of the booth space, marketing materials, to what kind of trade show display booth to pick that will best represent their business and maximize the use of their space. The last quarter of the year is when companies plan out what they need to be successful.

There are five concrete benefits for

decision makers to consider when determining the fiscal viability of actively participating in a trade show event.

1. Cost effective. Trade shows offer the opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers to view your products during a single event which reduces the cost per acquired sale.

2. Time saving. For the same reason, trade shows save time and the cost associated with individual sales calls and the travel involved presenting products one buyer at a time.

3. Building customer relationships. For many businesses, the only time they are able to meet with customers face-to-face is through a trade show. The opportunity to connect in person with customers and potential customers helps to solidify the relationship and leads to additional sales opportunities.

4. Hands on experience. The best traditional and new media marketing in the world cant take the place of the opportunity to actually see, feel, taste, touch and experience your products. Trade show displays allow buyers to try your products "on for size" and see the potential solutions you offer.

5. Industry trends research. Participating and attending trade shows not only allow you to display and present your products but also afford your sales executives the opportunity to see first hand what the other businesses in your industry are presenting. Learn and listen to peers, vendors, suppliers and customers to hear what the latest trends are for your industry....


Think about how upcoming trade shows can provide your company with the opportunity to cash in and connect with your target market.


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