5 Reasons to Go Digital at Trade ShowsHere are 5 reasons you should be going digital at your show display instead of wasting time and money on printed literature.

Even in today s technologically-obsessed world, there are still those exhibitors who prefer to print off tons of brochures and promotional literature instead of going digital. Not only does this waste a lot of paper, but most attendees will end up throwing it away before even leaving the event. Converting all of your literature and marketing efforts to digital outlets has many benefits aside from being more eco-friendly and less wasteful. If you not ready to ditch the paper yet, maybe these benefits of digital marketing and promotions at your trade show display will change your mind.

You Will Save Some Green

No matter how small or large your budget is, everyone likes to save some money. Printed materials and shipping costs of those materials can be rather costly, yet digital materials cost little to no money. If you would like to save some serious green at your next trade show, transfer your brochures and other literature to digital copies that can be emailed or showed to attendees at your trade show booth.


Promotional Opportunities are Endless

With paper copies, you only have so much space to promote your products or services. The great thing about going digital is you can promote as many products as you want. If you are able to have a tablet or laptop at your booth, you will be able to show attendees all of your products on your website. Otherwise, you can also create a digital brochure with a list of the products.


Can Track the Conversion Rates

As I previously mentioned, much of the printed literature handed out at trade show exhibits never leaves the event, which also means that exhibitors are unable to know how much the printed information resonated with the attendees. If you are using an email marketing system to email newsletters or literature to your potential customers, you ll be able to track who opens it, the click-through rate, and how many people click links in the email. It s an excellent way to find out the success rate of your promotional literature.


Updates Can Easily be Made

The problem with printed materials is the fact that the information is permanent. There s no way to make changes to the literature once it has been printed. Digital materials can easily be updated and changed to keep up with industry trends and new company and product information.


Goes Beyond the Trade Show

Through social media, your website, your blog, and any other digital materials you have out there on the Internet. You ll be able to reach a larger audience, boosting your brand and bringing awareness of your products to the public for little to no money. This can also be used to promote your booth and help drive more traffic to it.


Whether you are using a table top display or 30 x 30 custom displays, these tips will help you make the most of your trade show experience.