Trade Show MistakesMistakes at trade shows are made by at least one exhibitor at each event. Sometimes they are avoidable and sometimes they arent. For the ones that can be avoidable, here are some common errors that can be prevented for a smooth event.

1.No Plan

Not having a marketing plan or a goal can lead to a trade show fail. Prior to the show, set up a specific goal so you can measure the results at the end of the trade show.

2. Busy Graphics

Have you ever looked at a show booth with a collage of images and paragraphs of text scattered throughout their display? It can be very overwhelming for potential customers to look at, which can also lead to confusion as to why they should do business with you. Keep the graphics clean and simple to make the biggest impact.

3. Going Cheap on Giveaways

Giveaways are meant for exhibitors to give attendees a small gift that will remind them of your show booth every time they use the product. However, if you go too cheap on these items, they will end up getting thrown away. There s no need to spend thousands of dollars on these freebies, but choose carefully on the item you want to hand out to potential clients.

4. Not Training Your Staff

The staff you have decided to man your booth should be knowledgeable of the products your company sells, enthusiastic, and helpful. One way to train them before the event is to go over different questions and scenarios that could take place at your booth. Nothing looks worse than a clueless employee. Check out our article on how to properly train your event staff for more tips.

5. No Follow-up

Don t expect your leads to approach you when they are ready to do business. Instead, call, email, or send a thank you note about 2 weeks after the trade show to thank them for their time at the event. If you decide to call them, ask if there are any further questions you can answer for them. This will help build their trust in you and your business.

These are just a few of the mistakes I have seen at trade shows throughout the years. Make the most of your experience at the convention by avoiding these errors all together.