4 Trade Show Trends to Look for in 2015

With 2015 well underway, here are just a few trends that will be taking over the trade show industry.

A new year means new trends to look for in the trade show industry. Even with content and digital marketing becoming part of most companies marketing strategies, trade shows and networking events have never been more popular. Whether you are a dedicated or a first-time exhibitor, the following trends will be useful in helping you plan for your upcoming event.

Event Industry is Becoming a Marketing Staple

As I mentioned, marketing departments everywhere are starting to understand the benefits of trade shows to their company s success. Because of this, a majority of marketing budgets are being spent on trade show exhibits, giveaways, promotions, and anything else needed for the event. As of 2014, the trade show industry was the second largest area of growth in media spending according to an article by B2B magazine.

Digital Marketing Increases

For both personal and professional reasons, billions of people can be found on the social networking websites, which is why exhibitors are opting to promote their trade show displays on the Internet. Not only does it cost little to no money, but the audience you will be able to reach is much larger and more targeted than what can be found through print or TV ads.

More Demand for Custom Displays or Booth Rentals

Exhibitors want booths that will help them stand out at the show, especially if it means attendees will remember their booth above the competitors. Custom displays provide exhibitors the option of having a unique design that is created based on their specifications. Custom booths can also be rented out, giving all exhibitors the opportunity to have a unique booth while staying within their budget. Trade show display rentals also allow businesses to use a different display for every event they participate in for a fresh look. Truss rentals are also available.

Mobile Apps are Making Event Planners Jobs Easier

Event planners used to rely on pen and paper to accomplish their laundry list of things to do to prepare for trade shows. They are the ones who will appreciate the use of mobile apps the most since they will be able to take notes, check out event agendas, and allow them to view the attendee and exhibitor lists, just to name a few. Attendees and exhibitors alike will also be able to use these apps to view trade show announcements, connect with other attendees and exhibitors, and make appointments on the show floor.

Look for these trends as you participate at your next show.

What trends have you noticed at trade shows?


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