After spending weeks, even months, designing the perfect trade show booth, the day has finally come where you get to show everyone all of the hard work you put into your tradeshow booth. However, you are not getting nearly as much traffic as you expected. What could have gone wrong?

Trade shows can be an extremely lucrative way to market your products and build your brand, but trade show booths are not the only thing that requires preparations to be successful. Here are four myths about trade shows and how to avoid making those mistakes.

Myth #1 Just Show up and Traffic will come

This would be a dream if it was true, but it is far from being an accurate statement. To be a success story at expos, give yourself and your team at least a year to iron out all of the details of the event, design your exhibit, and promote your display booth.

Myth #2 The Hard Work Doesnt Start Until the Day of the Show

As I mentioned above, it takes about a year to prepare for the event. This includes advertising your booth display about a month before the show in order to let your target audience know you will be there and why they should stop by to see you. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to get the word out and connect with other exhibitors and attendees. Setting a budget and goals are also very important in order for the show to run smoothly. The hard work doesnt stop after the event because about 2 weeks after the show, you will need to reach out to all of your leads.

Myth #3 Put as Much Information in Your Display as Possible

The truth is that the more information listed on a display, the less likely anyone will read it. When designing your graphics, think about billboards you see on the side of the road. If there are more than a few words, do you actually have time to read it before driving past it? Probably not. Keep the text short and sweet, yet let it clearly define what your company is all about.

Myth #4 Sign up for Every Trade Show in Your Area

The more trade shows you participate in, the more exposure your business and products will get. However, not every trade show is going to have your target audience in attendance. For example, theres a good chance a toy company wont get as many good leads if they participated in a dental expo. Do your research to find out where your competitors and customers will be. One way to do this is to contact the trade show organizer and ask for a list of last years exhibitors.

Trade show booths allow you to meet your audience face-to-face, so remember to dress to impress, know your products or services, and remember not to make these mistakes for a successful exhibit experience.