exhibiting at a tradeshowPlanning a trade show is expensive. It requires the right mix of planning, resources and staff. If not managed properly, the cost can quickly escalate. The benefits that a company gains from exhibiting at a trade show should be more than the expenses incurred. To minimise costs when exhibiting at a trade show, do the following:


Renting a booth

If you are a startup or small sized business renting provides a temporary solution until you can purchase your custom display. It allows you to enjoy the benefits associated with attending and exhibiting at a trade show without breaking the bank. Renting also saves you a lot of money which could have otherwise gone into storage and insurance of the booth. The owner takes over those responsibilities. Renting is also suitable if you are starting out before you decide whether you will be participating in future trade fairs, leasing allows you to test the waters economically. Renting is also suitable if you don't attend shows frequently.

Display concurrently

Trade fairs are held in different locations at different times of the year. Sometimes two trade shows are held on the same dates in various venues. If both trade shows are essential to your business, renting allows you to exhibit in both. Buying two custom displays is not expensive and may not be a smart business move. Trade shows may only collide once a year, meaning the other custom display will be idle. Exhibiting concurrently at two venues gives your business high visibility at a reasonable cost.


To cut on costs of putting up a trade show a company should consider refurbishing an older booth. If you have recently rebranded or are going to the show say to launch new products, you do not need to buy a new custom display. Refurbish your booth to reflect your unique designs, using your preferred graphics and colours. You can change your display inexpensively and still have an excellent booth.

Budget-friendly booths

New does not mean unaffordable. When purchasing a custom trade show display, you can still get one that matches your budget. Depending on the size, design and accessories you can get one that is inexpensive. You don't have to use large screens, go for smaller displays. Simple, cheaper shows will not stop attendees from stopping at your stand. Set up creatively and employ the right staff and you will have your booth full of potential customers.