21 Items to Have on Hand in Case of EmergencyUnexpected situations occur all the time at trade show displays, whether the booth frame got damaged or not enough office supplies were brought to the show. Make sure you have the following items with you to be prepared for the unexpected.

You ve had your exhibit planned out and designed months before the show, literature printed out and ready to go, and your staff are thoroughly trained. No matter how prepared you are for the event, unexpected glitches could easily happen and derail your trade show success. Instead of waiting for these problems to happen, be proactive and have these items available in case of emergency.

For Your Staff

1. First-aid kit: Just in case a member of your staff isn t feeling their best, have a kit available with Band-Aids, pain relievers, allergy medicine, eye drops and disinfectant.

2. Breath mints: You will be speaking to a lot of people at the event, so keeping your breath in tip-top condition will keep attendees wanting to talk to you. Avoid chewing gum in your booth.

3. Hand sanitizer: With all of the hands you will be shaking, having this on hand is important.

4. Tissues

5. Small sewing kit: For those times when a hole may have mysteriously showed up on your clothes.


For Your Booth

6. Backup light bulbs: Lighting in trade show exhibits help spotlight your products, graphics, and booth in general. Having extra bulbs will help with any unexpected outages.

7. Packaging tape: This will make dismantling and packing up the exhibit after the show much easier.

8. Hammer and/or screwdriver: Some components of your display may need to be adjusted or tightened.

9. Extra screws and connectors

10. Double-sided tape: If your flooring starts to come apart or your graphics aren t staying on your frame like they should, having heavy-duty double-sided tape will fix the problem.

11. Cleaning wipes: These wipes will take out any smudges or dirt that shows up on your booth.

12. Stain remover: Spills happen. Instead of waiting for the event to be over before you do something, stain remover will almost immediately take out the noticeable spot.


Office Supplies

13. Extra pens: You d be surprised how many people walk off with pens that you loaned them.

14. Additional giveaway items: Just in case traffic is higher than expected.

15. Calculators: Every staff member should have one to calculate discounts, prices, etc.

16. Paper: Take notes or write down your lead s information. For a more formal way to take down your lead s contact information, create lead forms.

17. Plenty of batteries

18. Contact info for all staffers and the backup staff: In case of an emergency, you may need to contact another staffer or will need extra help.

19. Scissors

20. Paper clips

21. Stapler with extra staples


Many of these items will most likely not need to be used, but it s better to be prepared than deal with an emergency without the proper tools. Keep these 21 items on hand in your displays and exhibits in order to be prepared for anything that comes your way.



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