Trade Shows

Trade Shows

5 Ways to Get the Trade Show Results You WantExhibiting at a trade show can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to design the perfect trade show display, but you also have to staff the booth, prepare marketing materials, and find a way to draw in a crowd. Designing the show display is the easy part, as long as you are working with a trusted, reliable trade show booth vendor. To make the rest of the exhibit run smoothly and even generate a lead or two, here are five ways to stand out from other exhibits and get a positive return on your investment.

Trade Show Sales TipsTrade show displays can be an excellent investment for your company’s future. These masterpieces allow you to promote products, network with other industry professionals, and generate leads.  As lucrative as exhibiting can be, there is a right and wrong way to do it. By following these tips, you will not only increase your sales, but will lower your overhead costs as you prepare for the event.

trade show factsMost people are aware that trade shows exist. Even if you do not work in the trade show industry, you have probably heard that term at some point. For those of you who do not know, trade shows are used as a way to promote new products, boost your brand, and network with others who are employed in the same industry as you.

Tips to help save money at trade shows. Whether you have an ongoing custom trade show or you are in the process of planning for a new one, it is always very imperative to come up with a budget.

In addition to that, it also very important to think of some of the best ways you can save money during this time.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate into your custom trade show planning to ensure that you have a successful trade show event.

exhibiting at a tradeshowPlanning a trade show is expensive. It requires the right mix of planning, resources and staff. If not managed properly, the cost can quickly escalate. The benefits that a company gains from exhibiting at a trade show should be more than the expenses incurred. To minimise costs when exhibiting at a trade show, do the following:

How to become a trade show exhibitor on a budget. One of the most fundamental aspects of a custom trade show display is budget. It is the decision of every exhibitor to decide the specific amount of money that they want to invest in the booth. But it is very hard to keep all the expenses below the budget.

las vegas trade show displaysTrade shows alone can be extremely intimidating. With the expertly designed trade show booths, professional staff, and thousands of attendees to talk to, it is no wonder some business owners shy away from exhibiting. That being said, trade shows can be one of the best things you can do to boost sales and increase your networking circle, especially in a city as lively as Las Vegas.

tradeshow investmentTrade show displays are a popular medium that most businesses rely on to market their products to new customers and even to reach their existing clients. Although having a trade show display can cost you a fortune, it is worth the risk as long as you pull it off properly. It will come with benefits that can boost your business in the short-term or the long run depending on your actions. Below is a rundown of some benefits you can expect by investing in a trade show display.

tradeshow impact2Despite being expensive, trade shows displays are a perfect place where marketing brands and companies gets an opportunity to market and sell their merchandises. To ensure that you adequately maximize on your custom trade show marketing return on investment (ROI), it is very important that you do everything possible to have a cost-effective budget.
The best means you can employ to lower your costs are through knowledge, some little planning, and discipline. However, the following are some other ways you can use to lower your trade show expenses while still making a great impact at your show.

Consider Pre-Wired Electrical & A/V
This is one trade show mistake that most business people make. You should not focus so much on the design of the exhibit to a point where you forget all the wiring and electrical components that are needed.
If you are planning to have laptops or monitors in your custom display booth or certain lighting configuration, then you should put them in place earlier. The moment the display is moved to the show floor from the shop floor, making changes to your booth can be very expensive. Apart from that, the final solution may not appear as good as the one you would have made. Do all you can to prewire the lighting and save money and time.

Choose Between Case or Crate Design
The final design of your exhibit is very important, and so is the design of your case or crate. To save costs, you should use the space you have in the most optimal way possible. Check if there is enough room where you can pack your promotional products or literature, either in cases or crates.
You can significantly lower your drayage bills by having these arrangements in advance. Remember it is very cheap to have promotional products, monitors, and other things packed in the crate as opposed to sending them separately.

Modular Design
One of the best ways to save costs especially if you frequently exhibit is through the use of modular designs. These kinds of designs give you an opportunity to display your products either in a larger or smaller exhibit, while using the same basic structure.
To add on that, a modular exhibit can be available in hybrid, portable or custom display. If you have fixed goals for your custom trade show displays, then you can save the extra cost of buying multiple unique static designs by owning a modular design.

Las Vegas trade showsTrade shows provide a perfect opportunity for business people and customers to interact. Traders find new contacts and promote their goods and services while buyers exploit the shows to find quality products at the best rates. Las Vegas is holding the following trade shows in the coming months so you can take note of them and plan to attend that which interests you.

The AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo 2017
The convention will take place from October 15 to 18, 2017 at the Mandala Bay Convention Center. The assembly is open to the members of the public and others interested in the industry. It is an ideal show for health practitioners and manufacturers of medical equipment.
The purpose of the show is to allow participants learn about the latest technological advancements in the industry and how they can benefit from them. The American Health Care Association (AHCA) has organized the event.

Surfaces 2018
The Surfaces exhibition is held once every year in January, and it is open to the public. The event is designed for floor covering professionals, but others in the building and construction industry can find it useful. Home and office designers also have a place in the show. The 2018 edition will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and is being organized by Hanley Wood Exhibitions.

StoneExpo – Marmomacc Americas 2018
This annual exhibition is the premier exhibition for leaders of the stone industry in North America. The show will take place between January 30 and February 1, 2018. The trading public is invited to the show which will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Hanley Wood Exhibitions also organize the event.

The International Surface Event West–TISE 2018
The Mandalay Bay Convention will be the venue for this event that is scheduled to take place on January 30 and February 1, 2018. The show is an expo for people in the floor covering, stone, and tile industry. The event takes place every year and attracts professionals involved in home construction. Members of the public can attend and learn more about developments in the industry. Hanley Wood Exhibitions are the organizers of this event.

Medtrade Spring Conference & Expo 2018
Emerald Expositions has planned the annual home health-care industry event for February 2018. It is a perfect opportunity for people in the HME industry because Medtrade Mission aims to provide avenues for stakeholders in the industry to grow their businesses. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center is once again the venue for this event.

Magic Las Vegas 2018
If you have an interest in clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories for men, women, and children, then the Magic Las Vegas event is the place for you. The expo is held twice each year in February and August. This show is held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and Ubm Fashion Inc organizes it.

For traders and the public in general, Las Vegas has plenty to look forward to in the coming months. It is advisable to confirm the dates of the event you intend to attend as the organizers can adjust them.