Use Hanging Signage With Your Truss Display by Following These TipsAs spectacular as trade show truss displays are, it is often the included hanging signage that gives it the over-the-top, impressive appearance that will have attendees swarming towards your booth. However, before you begin ordering and making plans for where your banners will go, it is important you contact the event s management team to find out the following information:

Are there any size requirements for the sign at the venue?
Will someone be available to hang it up or will that be your responsibility?
Do the signs need to be hung up early or at the same time as the truss display?
Are there any regulations or rules that will not allow overhead signage?

Once you have this information, it is finally time to start planning your booth and the promotional signs you will want to display. Here are some tips from our trade show truss blog for how you and your trade show team can safely hang up the signage and drive more traffic to your display system.

Let the riggers inspect the signage ahead of time. The riggers are those people who will be assisting with the hanging of your banners and they may insist on inspecting it beforehand. The reason for this is primarily for insurance purposes and to guarantee the equipment is safe to hang and meets all of the requirements.

Wear gloves when handling the graphics. Oil from your hands can easily smudge the graphics or cause any dirt on your fingertips to be transferred to the sign. The best way to protect against this graphic dilemma is by wearing gloves. Cheap cotton gloves can be used to keep the look of the sign as flawless as it was when you received it.

Rent a fabric hanging sign. If your truss system does not come with hanging signage, you may want to consider renting one. They cost far less than purchasing one and will have a quality, innovative style that will get your audience s attention. Plus you get to keep the graphics ordered with it. Call Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355 for more information on our rental displays.

Find out what mounting options are available. Each trade show venue is going to be different, offering different mounting options. Some offer a motor that can be used to raise an assembled sign from the ground. Others may have cat walks near the roof to better hang the sign. Whatever method your trade show facility will be using, make sure you know ahead of time in order to be better prepared for the day of the event.

Hanging banners can add personality, uniqueness, and liveliness to your truss display, but before ordering yours, keep these tips in mind.