The SAAC trade show was held in Long Beach, CA on August 24th and 25th. This convention provides suppliers with a time-efficient way to attract new clients and maintain the distributor relationships that have already been built. Pam Caswell, account executive at Crick Information Technologies, Inc., was one of the exhibitors at the SAAC show. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions in regards to what she observed from the show.

What trade show booth trends did you notice?

Pam: More interactive booths - where attendees can "participate" in a game, etc. Draws people into the booth. Also, large flat screen monitors and ability to look up information on the spot via web. Increased amount of technology used in the booths.

What were exhibitors doing to draw in a crowd?

Pam: Definitely games, giveaways, presentations and demos.

What did you learn from this trade show that you would do at the next trade show?

Pam: Emphasize the communication between the person ordering the solution for the event and the sales staff. We always give on-site instructions; however, because our product has many features and is unique to the industry, our learning curve is a bit more than typical tradeshow software products out there. We strive to make the product intuitive; however, nothing beats the person-to-person instructions. Possibly asking for the email and phone number of the actual sales staff manning the booth would be a channel we could use to deliver information.

This event had 380 exhibitors competing for the attention of over 2,000 attendees at their exhibition displays. These ideas should help you gain traffic at your trade show booth, whether using banner stands or pop up displays. For more exhibiting tips, check back regularly.