Is your budget stopping you from marketing your brand at trade shows? The ROI you will get back from a trade show booth will more than pay for itself in a few shows. However, there are several ways you can stretch your dollar and make the most out of a small budget.

Rent an Exhibit

For an exhibit booth that will blow the competition out of the water without costing a fortune, trade show exhibit rentals are an excellent option. Custom and portable trade show displays are available and cost a fraction of what they would if purchased. This is also an excellent option for anyone who is new to trade shows and wants to try out portable exhibit displays before buying one.

Limit Giveaway Items

Everyone loves to get free stuff at expos, but if they are more interested in the gift than in your company, then it will end up costing you more money. Instead, give a gift to only qualified leads by asking a number of questions to find out if they qualify. Another idea is to only offer a gift when a product or service is purchased.

Share a Booth Space

Contact another exhibitor who has products or services that will compliment yours and ask if they would like to share a display booth space. Not only will this save money, but both will gain leads due to the other ones related products.

Use a Portable Display

Shipping charges can really drain your budget if you are using a bulky, heavy display system. Portable displays are lightweight and easy to assemble, saving you a bundle on shipping. One popular display option is pop up displays because of how portable and durable they are.

Especially for new or small businesses, the budget for trade shows is much smaller than that of larger corporations. However, with these tips, you will be able to be a fierce trade show competitor without overspending.