In trade shows there are no 2ndchances; you must make the best possible, lasting impression. The key to having a successful display that reflects the values of your company is proper planning. Now that you have thought through your primary considerations , it is time to begin writing your trade show master plan, and make it as comprehensive as possible. Your display will reflect your company accurately and impressively with the right master plan.

Let me first ask you: what is the primary message that you want to convey with your display booth? Chances are your answer is a combination of things such as: brand recognition/brand building, company values, goods and services, information, grandeur, fantastic graphics, and more. It is important to write your desired trade show message down and treat it like a mission statement. This is the mission of your trade show display.

Also, a significant part of your master plan building is an extension of that mission statement your goals and objectives. Exactly what goals and objectives will go into the master plan that will convey the message, or mission.

Write down your mission/message, and your first round of goals and objectives. This will then serve as a loose foundation or framework for writing the master plan. In other words, your master plan is a work in progress that is flexible and editable. As you move forward, don t be afraid to rewrite, replace or add entirely new essential goals.

Once you have a start on the master plan, it is time to imagine the fullness of your display booth/exhibit. Not only do you want to have a dream display in mind, you want to imagine the operations and functionality of your display booth. It is best not to think of accessories as optional lighting, flooring, banners, counters and so on are what adds fullness to your display and its functionality.

Now is a good time to consult a trade show expert who provides trade show booth solutions. Select a display provider who wants to help you achieve your plan not somebody who just wants to make a big sale. Make a display purchase based upon the objectives of your master plan and within your budget without being cheap. If pricing is your biggest concern, perhaps you should ask yourself: do you really care about reaching your goals and a enjoying a strong return on your investment?

Further, when building your trade show master plan, it is wise to consider the following items:

By Timothy Carter

  • Have you done your research? Do you have a listing of exhibitors and attendees?
  • Are you going to send out invitations and special VIP passes?
  • Have you made a listing of potential attendees? Customers? Suppliers?
  • Are you going to do some pre-show marketing? Will you do any advance mailings?
  • Who will be manning your booth? Are they properly prepared?
  • Have you shared your goals and objectives with your trade show staffing?
  • Have you gathered together supplies, giveaways, samples, information packets, and other materials?
  • Are you going to build a presentation to use at the trade show?

In conclusion, we all know that to get from point A to point B and beyond, it is best to have a map and plan. Your trade show experience is directly determined by your planning the resulting master plan it is indeed your map to trade show success. The more effort and energy you invest in preparing your master plan, the higher your show results will be. Consult a trade show professional who realizes the importance of your master plan