Whether you have traveled to the convention or have a tight budget, you may be limited to bringing one product for display. Even without your products on hand at the event, there are still ways to showcase them and gain the interest of the attendees. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your trade show displays when you have are little or no products with you.

Include Them in Your Graphics

Print no more than 3 large photos of your products on your trade show graphics. This will allow your audience to clearly see every feature on these items. Along with the photos, include a short list of benefits the consumers will get from purchasing your merchandise. The graphics on your main trade show booths should be simple and clutter-free to avoid overwhelming attendees with too much information. If you feel there is more information or photos you would like to display, use banner stands along side your larger portable display to relay any additional information.

Hands-on Demo

If you only have one product with you, why not use it for a demonstration? Show your trade show exhibit visitors exactly what makes your items different from your competitors and even give them the chance to try it out for themselves. Not only will they walk away from your trade show display remembering your company, but it will build their confidence in your products by showing them how to use them. When they are ready to make a purchase, they will remember the experience they had at your convention booth.

Display Videos or Presentations

If it is impossible to bring one product with you, presenting a video will help your audience visualize it. The video should contain someone using it, as well as an up close look at what makes it special. Another way to draw in a crowd at your trade show booth is to hold a presentation. Either hire a speaker or use one of your employees to discuss the reasons why people should buy your product, as well as having a Power Point Presentation with photos of the merchandise. Effectively display a presentation or video by attaching plasma monitors to your portable displays; they are inexpensive, yet have a sleek and eye-catching design and are the trend now.

Just describing your items to the attendees isn t enough to gain their interest in doing business with you; however it isn t always easy to bring several products. Hopefully these tips will give you some some good ideas on how to make your products the star of your trade show exhibit and still be within your limitations.


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