Trade shows and social media have a lot in common: they both are effective at promoting your business and meeting potential new customers either face-to-face or through the Internet. Since both can be used as powerful marketing tools, then utilizing both together would create a strong impact on your target audience. Below are a few things that can be done to use social media at trade show exhibits.

Create an Event on Facebook

Instead of just posting on your Facebook Wall, create an event that you can invite all of your fans to. This is a great way to give them all of the details on your event so that they are able to attend. Don t forget to include vital information such as your booth number, where your display system will be located, and a phone number where they can reach you with any questions.

Send Out Pre-Show Mailers with QR Codes

The latest trend in technology is QR codes because they can be scanned with any smartphone and will take you to the company s website, a video, or anything else they may want to show you. In order to get them to stop by your display stand, use a QR code that takes them to a page with all of the details on your display booth.

Post Videos

YouTube gets billions of hits on a daily basis, so why not post videos of your show display? Show everyone why they should stop by your booth. This can be done by interviewing your staff, showing a little snippet of a demonstration or presentation that is taking place at your booth exhibit, or showing your audience what promotional products you are handing out at the event. If you have something going on at your display exhibit, don t keep it hidden. You will more than likely get more traffic to your trade show booth by showing your audience these activities or products.

Write About It

If you have a blog, keep writing while on the show floor. Write about the trade show you are at and what s going on at tradeshow displays. By using social media at your exhibit display, you will be reaching out to a larger audience and get more traffic and potential customers.

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By Timothy Carter