One way for attendees to remember you and your trade show exhibit long after the show is over is to give out giveaways they will be able to take home with them. As long as your company s contact info is on the promotional item, recipients of this gift will be able to know how to contact you if they are every in need of your products or services. There are a few rules that must be followed for your giveaways to be effective.

#1 Don t Use Disposable Products

You might as well throw you money away if you plan on using items that can be thrown away. The most effective items can be used on a daily basis, such as pens, magnets, or coasters.

#2 Remember Your Loyal Customers

Prior to the event, send out emails or direct mail pieces to your current customers and let them know they will get a free gift if they visit your convention display. After all, it is these people who keep your business running.

#3 Qualify Recipients

At every show there will be those select few whose main goal is to get as much free stuff as they can without any intention of doing business. It is important you ask qualifying questions to find out how interested they are in your products or services.

#4 Buy Smart, Not Cheap

Just because you are a small company and/or have a tight budget doesn t mean you should hand out cheap items at your trade show display. Whatever your budget may be, shop around and search for products that are affordable and are at the higher end of quality based on other products in the same price range.

Whether using banner stands, tabletop trade show displays, truss systems, or anything in between, you would be surprised at how memorable your company and display system will be to attendees if the right giveaway item is handed out.