The Benefits to Measuring ROI Before the Trade ShowMeasuring the return on investment (ROI) is an important post-show step to determine how successful your trade show display was at the event. This information will help you and your team make the decision to either exhibit at the same trade show next year or move on to a new one. As important as calculating the post-show ROI is, knowing the pre-show ROI is also a pivotal number exhibitors need to know.

A well-designed trade show booth, enthusiastic and engaging staff, and effective promotional products are all key factors in leaving a positive impression on potential customers. As much as these points will increase your results at the event, it could be months before any of those interested leads will make a purchase. So, what can you do at the event to find out what your pre-ROI is? Start by asking attendees the following questions:

• Did you feel that our staff listened to your questions and concerns?
• Did you feel like you were treated well by the staff at our exhibit?
• What opinions did you have about our company before the show? How about now?
• How likely are you to do business with our company in the future?

While these pre-ROI questions will not give you an exact number of new customers or sales you will receive, it will tell you how effective you, your staff, and your show booth were at the event. It will also give you an idea of what could have been done differently.
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