stretch your dollarAre you experiencing high costs on custom trade show displays? You don't need to remove your trade show displays completely from your marketing plan due to high cost. However, take a careful look at your trade show costs and you will be able to find ways that you can use to curve some expenses out of your trade show display budget.

Ways to cut down tradeshow display costs and make a big impression

You have to be smart and business oriented in order to get the best from your trade show budget. Since your competitors are being creative and finding ways in which they can outdo you in business, you should use this opportunity to think outside the box and get ways in which you will make your business more successful.

You need to focus on how to minimize the cost of your trade show booth without giving up any marketing impact. Below are some of the points on how your trade show booth can have a high impact for less cost:

Minimize the transportation cost

How can you minimize the transportation cost? You need to secure a low weight booth since booths with a lot of weight will cost you more. New booths are very light and are made of strong materials, less expensive to ship have a sleeker, therefore, giving a very contemporary look.

Rent don't buy

There are so many trade show design firms which rent trade show booths and components. If you usually have one or two trade show events every year you should consider getting a larger booth for one annual trade show. Therefore, renting can be your best option. For more reasons to rent a trade show exhibit, check out our blog post.

Buy used tradeshow booths and accessories

Some companies sell of their trade show pieces of equipment so a to update their tradeshow design so as to match their current ad campaign, therefore you should consider buying from them since the costs are low compared to buying a new tradeshow booth. However, you should be careful not to invest in an outdated booth that will cost you much to transport, assemble and operate, it will not have brought benefits to your business but losses.

Design for easy assemble

Most tradeshow booth designers have begun working with new materials. Hard to assemble with rigid infill panels made of wood booths are outdated. In case you need a tradeshow booth find a well-recognized firm with a good track record of making booths with great graphic impact and do not cost much to set up.