money clockFor swift marketers, exhibiting in custom trade shows and spending money on new exhibiting displays can be a budget-bursting affair. The first thing that you need to have a businessperson who is planning to exhibit at a trade show is a budget. Custom trade shows have become very expensive these days, and a multitude of fees and costs, including space, shipping, furniture, acquisition of equipment, and graphics can be very expensive. But the following tips from Smash Hit Displays can help you in lowering the costs of display making your trade show a success.

Watch On Weight

You can attract more visitors to your booth by selecting exhibition displays that are visually appealing. Just as in other industries, the hiking prices of gas seems to be trickling down into the trade show business, hence increasing the cost of transportation. They are then passed down to the exhibitors in the form of higher costs of drayage for display deliveries as well as higher costs of shipping. The only way to lower this load cost is going to the lightweight trade show materials.

Ever Tried Retractable Banner Stands? Try Them Today

Besides being so easy to store, trade show banners can also be used again in other custom trade show events, without having to look for further modifications. Banner stands that can incorporate a myriad of banner sizes can save much cost because they can be reused even with new graphics and design.

Retractable banner stands will overcome the trade show rigors and still work perfectly well. There are even certain variety of banner stands that can be joined to come up with fullback walls, bent to design different shapes and turns.

Go For The Hybrid Exhibit Design

It does not take much time to install a hybrid or modular display, and they are mostly available in low-weight designs. You do not need tools to assemble these types of displays, making the whole process of putting up cost-effective and seamless. The models in the market today use tension fabric graphics, which can be easily folded and packed, and above all, are very light. In fact, they can be even washed by a machine. You can easily reduce the hybrid exhibits in small bits and even pack them in containers and ship them easily. In the end, you will notice lowered costs of shipping and handling.

Smash Hit Displays is here to ensure that you have the most affordable custom trade show displays. Get in touch for more…


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