Trade Show Guerilla MarketingEver considered using Guerilla Marketing tactics for your trade show display booth? Contributing blogger at Forbes, John Greathouse share the great and not so good tactics that can be used to generate traffic to your trade show booth. Here are the six rules:

  1. Be Closing, No Posing - The ultimate measure of effective marketing, especially at a startup, is revenue.
  2. Be Funny, Not Offensive - Humor done well is engaging and memorable. Humor done poorly is boring and potentially distasteful.
  3. Be Economical, Not Cheap - Guerilla marketing should never be expensive and trade show guerilla marketing is no exception.
  4. Be On Message, Not Too Clever By Half - When devising guerilla marketing campaigns, marketers can become enamored with their own cheekiness and create attention-grabbing stunts that do not support the company s underlying marketing messages.
  5. Be Bold, Not Stupid - Bold stupidity is not a good combination. Be unafraid but use sound judgment.
  6. Be Authentic, Not Synthetic - In a recent interview I conducted with Brad Feld, Co-Founders of TechStars and Partner at Foundry Group, he summarized the foundation of quality marketing: Just be you. A company has a personality. That personality is of the Founders, it can t be manufactured and it shouldn t be.
  7. Don t Try Too Hard - Guerilla marketing often goes awry when a company tries too hard and fails to balance unforgettable with crass.

Take the time to remember the basics of Guerilla Marketing to ensure a successful trade show exhibit. For greater depth on this subject, 6 Rules of Trade Show Guerilla Marketing.

By Timothy Carter