Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas

Many businesses and sales staff struggle with tradeshows. Why? Good question.

Almost everyone has been to some kind of event or trade show. Whether it s a college recruiting day, a job fair or an industry trade show. Almost everyone has been to something like this. However, some people don t seem to maximize their time and effort at them.

One thing that regularly surprises me is the response I get from people when I ask them what they expect to achieve at trade shows. Too many of them say things like Oh, I don t know. We ll see what happens . Or My company is sending me and I guess they ll tell me .

To me this is surprising and just smacks of not being a good use of their time. And if they work for a company, one that is funding the trade show effort, it s not a good use of their spend. Of course, everyone has the same amount of time available each day. It seems to me this time should be used as wisely as possible. This post is for people that want to maximize their time at trade shows.

Trade Shows are one of the most effective ways to market your products or services. You will have the opportunity to meet hundreds, maybe thousands, who you would have never gotten a chance to meet if you hadn t participated at the event.

Now that the recession is over, more and more exhibitors are starting to venture out into new territories to promote their business. Going to conventions that aren t so close to home can broaden your horizon and allow you to meet more prospective clients. However, if you are planning on packing up a suitcase and your trade show display, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Conventions are an excellent way to promote your business, whether your company is small or large. However, you can t expect to get the results you want by just showing up. Stunning trade show displays is the first thing you need to get noticed at the event, but there s more to plan for as the big day approaches. Here are some mistakes that many exhibitors have made and hopefully you will prepare for.

Whether you have traveled to the convention or have a tight budget, you may be limited to bringing one product for display. Even without your products on hand at the event, there are still ways to showcase them and gain the interest of the attendees. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your trade show displays when you have are little or no products with you.

You have been preparing your trade show booth and staff for months for your upcoming convention. However, if you aren t going to the right trade shows, you may not be getting the results you are hoping for. Here are 4 tips to finding the right event for you:

You have spent months preparing your trade show displays for the upcoming event and know attendees will love your products or service. That may be true, but let s face it you need them more than they need you. Here are some of the rules to abide by if you want to turn your trade show booth visitor into a customer:

At conventions, it is just as important to have knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly booth staff as it is to have eye-catching trade show displays. While you are at the event, refrain from making the following mistakes because it could cause attendees to avoid your display system altogether.

Attendees should be able to clearly see who you are and what you do just by looking at your trade show booths. A major factor successful display systems is easy-to-read signage that is visible from the aisles.Banner stands are outstanding signs to use since they take up very little room width-wise yet can be as tall as 10 feet. Here are some other tips on how to effectively use signage to help promote your trade show exhibit and draw in a larger crowd.

One way for attendees to remember you and your trade show exhibit long after the show is over is to give out giveaways they will be able to take home with them. As long as your company s contact info is on the promotional item, recipients of this gift will be able to know how to contact you if they are every in need of your products or services. There are a few rules that must be followed for your giveaways to be effective.