Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas

Trade shows, expositions, and conventions are a massive industry these days. Very often exhibitors simply find it too difficult to do everything themselves when it comes to a planning and executing a successful show (that they are exhibiting in). Tens of thousands of various services contractors exist to help accomplish virtually everything one could imagine.

There are services companies that remove the entire burden from an exhibiting company, taking care of every aspect of the event from conception to post-show follow up. The exhibiting corporation shares their goals, objectives, and guidelines, and then the services contractor takes it from there, always working closely with the exhibiting company. Some of the largest corporations may use one or more contractors to handle their entire annual event strategy, performing everything needed for each individual show.

Success is always measurable. That is why one integral piece of every competent trade show master plan is performance metrics, or more simply, a clear statement of event goals, objectives, and targets, as well as the actual performance results recorded. Performance metrics should be assembled before the show, and recorded during and after the show, followed by considerable analysis. After all, how do you measure the value of the trade show exhibit and the return on the event investment if there are no metrics set up?

Let s now take a look at a strong starting point for developing performance metrics.

tradeshow-go-dont-goIn difficult economic times, many corporations are faced with a classic dilemma: Do we cut, or do we invest (spend)? Depending upon how dire the immediate corporate status is, a lot of companies employ the philosophy of cutbacks, as opposed to investing. And therefore when it comes to trade shows exhibits (in tough times), the tendency is to forego the expense. Yes, trade shows are in the marketing column, and marketing is typically viewed as an expense, and therefore cut first (along with training). But is that the wiser choice? No. Balance is everything.

tradeshow-budgetingA successful trade show one that earns a definite return on the investment requires lots of careful planning. A centerpiece of that plan is the actual budget. Too many first time exhibitors make the critical mistake of improper budgeting, simply because they do not realize all of the elements. There is much more to a comprehensive trade show exhibit budget than meets the eye. In order to stay within budget and avoid all the would-be pitfalls, let s take a closer look at some line items that must be considered in a proper trade show budget:

Trade Show Guerilla MarketingEver considered using Guerilla Marketing tactics for your trade show display booth? Contributing blogger at Forbes, John Greathouse share the great and not so good tactics that can be used to generate traffic to your trade show booth. Here are the six rules:

trade show survival kitIt is often true that the smallest of incidents can set you back, or even stop the trade show display completely. It is like having the right tools at the right time to get a specific job done. You simply never know when you will need the smallest of items to get you through a difficult or challenging moment. Then too, your survival kit could potentially help attendees of the show as well. Of course one cannot plan for every contingency, but this article provides a useful checklist for your trade show survival kit.

tradeshow booth add onsA trade show booth has only seconds to get attention and draw in the people attending the show. Of course there are no absolute guarantees about what will work best to entice attention, but there are definitely items that dramatically increase the chances of effectiveness. Surely a full display with lighting, flooring, banners, counters, and more is going to be highly functional in attracting a strong audience. But what about going beyond the full display ? What else can be added to a pop up display, trade show exhibit that will stimulate that extra wow factor?

lighting trade show boothsWhen choosing a trade show booth for a convention you want to think of different ways to help stand out from the competition and gather attention. One part of this equation is using proper lighting for your booth. Lighting may not seem like a big deal, but it can play a big part in getting attention and visitors to your trade show booth.
In trade shows there are no 2ndchances; you must make the best possible, lasting impression. The key to having a successful display that reflects the values of your company is proper planning. Now that you have thought through your primary considerations , it is time to begin writing your trade show master plan, and make it as comprehensive as possible. Your display will reflect your company accurately and impressively with the right master plan.

Tradeshow Exhibit Training and StaffingIt may be the trade show booth design that draws your audience in, but it is the staff that determines the success of the event. Hiring the wrong people to staff your display system can be the difference between getting leads and walking away empty-handed. Training these employees is critical so that they know what is expected of them. Here are several rules on what is acceptable behavior in your trade show booth and what won t be tolerated by the attendees at the event.