Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Body LanguageSometimes the most effective language at trade shows doesn t involve speaking, but rather has to do with how you present yourself. There are a number of ways that you can drive away business just by the things you are doing. Here are 5 ways your body language can help bring traffic to your show booth without having to say a word.

Rookie ExhibitorIf you are a rookie trade show exhibitor, it can be very nerve-racking, especially when it comes down to the cost. Money goes into trade show booths, marketing materials, business cards, giveaway items, and the staff you count on to run the exhibit. The thought of just making the decision to go forward with it can be daunting, especially if you have never been to a show and don t know what to expect.

Be Remembered at Trade ShowsAs a trade show exhibitor, you will get the opportunity to speak to hundreds, possibly thousands, of people during the limited time you are at the event. Making a great impression is critical for driving traffic to your booth, which could be done by having a professionally-dressed and friendly staff, well-designed custom trade show displays, and being knowledgeable of the products we are selling.

Trade Show Attendee TipsTrade shows can be a remarkable way to generate leads and get the opportunity to speak with many of your customers that can t be done with other marketing tools. Exhibiting is more than just showing up with custom displays and waiting for people to flock towards your booth. There are a number of ways exhibitors can increase their trade show success, yet most of them still fail to include all of the elements that is required to boost ROI and gain more customers.

Turn Leads Into CustomersStunning trade show displays are definitely important to get noticed at events, but it is your staff that will hold the attendee s attention. These tips should help your employees approach these potential customers in a manner that won t scare them away.

So you are deciding to take promote your company outside of the normal marketing tools by setting up a trade show exhibit. First of all, you are taking a step in the right direction to increase sales and exposure to your small or large business, or even online businesses.

Trade Show Trends for 2014It takes more than just having giveaway products and pictures on your trade show displays to make them stand out above the competition. Being up-to-date on the latest convention trends is a must if you want to succeed at your next event.

Trade Show StrategyHave you ever wished that your trade show booths, staff, and other miscellaneous details would have ran a little smoother at your event? Most exhibitors could probably make a list of all of the things they should have or shouldnt have done at the event.

trade show tips for startups

Startup companies have a lot of things to worry about as they strive to become successful. Trade shows are practically foolproof in that endeavor, but only if you know what you re doing.

Think about the potential of introducing your new business to that many people. With the right techniques, you can theoretically triple your sales with just one or two shows and there are tips you can use to accomplish this.

trade show display booth preparationPreparing for a trade show can be overwhelming. It s not only the booth design that needs to be taken care of, but also the marketing materials and campaigns, training your booth staff, and much more.