Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas

3 Ways to Keep Bored Booth Staffers ProductiveIn a perfect trade show world all booth staffers would be motivated to meet and obtain leads, have a friendly personality, and be willing to keep the trade show booth looking fresh in between attendees. However, many exhibitors do not have a complete staff like this; there are usually one or two staffers who seem to get bored easily, neglecting the tasks they should be working on. If this sounds like someone you have had to work with, keep reading for tips on how to handle a staffer that is difficult to work with.

Get Attendees Talking With These Simple TipsEver feel like it s a struggle getting attendees to stick around your trade show display, let alone actually talk to you? Although the average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits (according to Exhibit Surveys, Inc.), exhibitors are missing out on opportunities to generate leads by either not saying anything to these interested attendees or saying the wrong things. If you have found it challenging to get people to stick around your booth and possibly make a purchase, then try these conversation starters at your next trade show.

Convert Attendees Into Customers With 3 Simple TipsWhen meeting someone for the first time, you probably do not begin the relationship as best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. It takes time to build the relationship through conversations and face-to-face interactions. The same is true for trade show exhibitors and attendees. Sure, the initial meeting with a potential customer at your trade show booth went well, but the work is not over yet. It is up to you and your staff to continue building this new relationship outside of the trade show in order to transform this interested buyer into a loyal customer.

Not Getting Trade Show Results? Try These 5 Attention-Grabbing Tips Getting traffic to your trade show display is easier said than done. Not only will your competition be there to try to steal potential customers from you, but having a less-than-stellar booth could ruin your chances of attracting attendees at all. If getting traffic is something you have struggled with at expos in the past, these 5 trade show design tips will help get the results you want.

The Benefits to Measuring ROI Before the Trade ShowMeasuring the return on investment (ROI) is an important post-show step to determine how successful your trade show display was at the event. This information will help you and your team make the decision to either exhibit at the same trade show next year or move on to a new one. As important as calculating the post-show ROI is, knowing the pre-show ROI is also a pivotal number exhibitors need to know.

Updating Your Trade Show Booth on a BudgetBefore you consider purchasing a new display, here are some options you can consider.

Trade shows offer immense opportunities for businesses to interact with industry influencers and that can be an excellent opportunity to spur growth and increase the market share of such companies. However, these platforms may also cause businesses to spend a lot more than they had budgeted for through displays.

That should never be the case all the time since there is an opportunity for such enterprises to reduce on such costs whenever they attend these events. Hence, before you consider getting a new display or pop up trade show booth, here are some options you can consider.

Procrastination Costs M-O-N-E-Y!!
Procrastination. Its the biggest mistake you can make in the trade show business. You can be assured a last minute order will cost you in rush charges, increased design fees and expedited shipping. If you have procrastinated with your trade show displays, its probable you have done so with booth space, hotels and transportation costs.

5 Simple Tips to Make a Big Impact at Trade ShowsWhen you see a well-designed show booth, the closest thing that comes to mind is a lot of money that is pumped into it. But thats not the case; you can still have a perfect custom trade show display without having to pay too much money.

As long as you stay true to your budget, you can still have an efficient design on a casual budget.
These are some of the means you can apply to ensure that you do not pay too much for your custom displays.

How to Stick to a Trade Show Budget Without Sacrificing QualityThe primary duty of a custom trade show display is to create much profit to your business and get a new audience. But as it stands now, the costs to have such services have really gone up. To ensure that you do not pay much for a custom trade show display, the following are some of the tips that you use as guidelines.

Want to draw the most attention to your trade show booth? There are many factors to consider when planning your next trade show. There is much more to it than just signing on. Here are 10 things to think of in your next planning stages.