Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas

These 6 tips will take the stress out of trade show exhibiting and will lead you down the right path for success at the upcoming event.

Planning Tips for Generating Quality LeadsGetting the right number of quality leads is no easy feat. It takes time, energy, and determination to get the results you want. The best way to get these results is through a proper lead generation plan. Follow these tips to get the most out of trade show exhibits.

5 Simple Ways to Build Your Professional Network at Trade ShowsTrade shows and expos arent just for generating quality leads, but also for growing your professional network. Here are some simple ways to build long-lasting relationships at events.

The look of your trade show display is just one part of being highly successful at trade shows. Your booth staff is the other part. Make sure your staff are doing the following to help boost traffic and leads at your booth.

It may be the trade show booth design that draws your audience in, but it is the staff that ultimately determines the success of the event. Hiring the wrong people to staff your display system can be the difference between getting leads and walking away empty-handed. Training these employees is critical so that they know what is expected of them. Here are several rules on what is acceptable behavior and what won t be tolerated by the attendees at the event.

Make an Impact at Trade Shows with RepetitionHow to use repetition at your panel display to win over customers.

Have you ever seen a commercial that seems like it is always on or you can t get their slogan or song out of your head? The most likely reason for this is because of repetition; the more you hear a message, the more it resonates with you. The same rule applies for trade show exhibits. Having a consistent marketing message that can be found throughout your booth will not only help attendees determine what your company does and whether or not they are in need of your products or services, but it will also be much more memorable when they leave the event as well. Here are a few ways to use repetition for a more successful trade show experience.

Successful Planning for Marketing Your Trade Show BoothPromoting custom trade show displays before the event is a surefire way to get more traffic and generate more leads. Here are some ideas on marketing your booth for a successful event.

Common Trade Show MistakesIf you want to make the most out of your trade show booth, avoid making these common mistakes.

Conventions are a great way of putting yourself out there and meeting your target audience face-to-face. As much as trade shows can help expand your business, many exhibitors aren t properly planning. Here are a few common mistake exhibitors are making that is hindering their chances of getting the results and traffic to their trade show booths they want.

6 Things You Didnt Know About Trade ShowsThought you knew everything there was to know about trade shows? Think again. Here are 6 things you probably didnt know, but will be glad that you did.

Go Green at Trade Shows With These 5 TipsWith all of the company and product literature that gets printed out and thrown away at green trade shows, as well as other wasteful items you feel will give you a better shot at the event for reaching consumers and generating leads, it s hard to believe that the trade show industry as a whole can ever become eco-friendly. The truth is that in a study by Statista, 27 percent of respondents said they didn t believe zero-waste exhibiting was an attainable goal, while 55 percent were unsure. That leaves only 18 percent of respondents who said they did believe exhibiting could be a zero-waste industry.

Clothing That Doesn t Belong on the Trade Show Floortrade show clothing displays, We have all seen it. Those exhibitors who are dressed like they just walked down a runway. What most of these people do not realize is that clothing and shoes that look great at nightclubs or high-end events don t work for the trade show floor. Sure, it is important to dress in appropriate attire at trade show displays in order to help promote your company, but here are some fashion no-no s that should be left at home when exhibiting.