attract attendees to boothDepending on what kind of products you have in your trade show, different attendees come with different needs. However, some similarities apply to all types of the attendees. They all want to learn something whether from the speakers, exhibitors or their fellow attendees. Also, they want to have access to your products. However, there are different ways to deal with each kind of trade show attendee to ensure that you get the best from it and that you convert most of them. They include:


Passive attendee

This is the kind of audience that you can find in places such as shadowy corners or conference rooms. Most of them tend to be attracted by the charter box and innovative ideas.

Interacting with them

This kind of audience 's head is following everything happening in the trade show and does the best to blend with the rest of the attendees, staying close but some distance from your booth. You are not sure about their presence as you cannot tell if it is your competitor trying to copy your style or just a bystander who wants to know what you are displaying. You can approach the attendees and make them see reasons why you are the right person to fulfill their needs. Use kind words, and you can even use some incentives to bring them closer to your booth. This is the best way to deal with the passive audience and hesitant attendees.

Active attendee

They can also be categorized as squatters. These audiences are very enthusiastic, and their interest in your products keeps flattering you. They will even exchange their cards with you and want to make further connections with you. However, they tend to go out of topic and will even start discussing personal issues like family problems in the booth which could lead to loss of ROI.
Interacting with them

You can interact with these kinds of attendees by doing all you can to bring them back to line either by offering attractive deals or incentives to remind them why they are there in the first place.

Impatient attendees

If their companies or organizations send them to a trade show, high chances are they are active and hardworking. They are busy people with a lot of errands to run. They tend to be impatient as they want to run other activities.

How to interact with them

Avoid doing irrelevant activities that might consume a lot of time. Be polite and time conscious if you want them to stay. Also, try using fun approaches such as video presentation that will entice them to stay. Moreover, such busy attendees may have a lot going through their mind. It would be wise if you try and close deals with them immediately as they may forget the details later once they leave the show.

Other than doing the basics to ensure that every type of audience is well attended, ensure that your booth is good enough to attract them in the first place. Some of the audiences to avoid include:

The foodie

This is the kind who only comes because you are offering foodstuff. They will never leave until they have grabbed something even in a scenario where they are allergic to what you are providing.

Swag grabber

They are closely related to the foodie. They come mostly if you are giving out gifts like pens or key chains.

Following these tips and being cautious about whom you focus on in your show will ensure that you go home satisfied and you will make the best from the show.