Measuring Trade Show ResultsTrade shows are a great way to spread the word about your product to potential customers and the best part is they come to you. However, if you re considering having a show display you may have wondered if trade shows really work. The answer is yes, and here s how you can measure the results.

See the Results

So let s say you just spent a lot of time and money to come up with the perfect custom trade show displays and you want to know if they were worth it. There are several key measurements you can use to determine the return on your investment. Let s take a look at a few of them.

Revenue obviously direct sales from your custom trade show displays are the first key measurement of results. However, most trade shows aren t used for direct sales, rather they are used for creating strong leads for future sales. However, you can get an accurate estimate of revenue by multiplying the number of strong leads by the typical close rate per 100 sales calls. You then multiply that number by the average sale amount and that will give you an estimated revenue amount.

Savings Another great way to measure your results from a trade show is by calculating the money you saved. Sure, you have to spend some money to exhibit at the show, including the price of custom displays. However, don t overlook the money you save by bring the customer to you. For example, if you hold 40 meetings with potential clients over a three-day period at your booth, compare that to what it would cost to meet with each of those clients individually at his or her location. The savings could be huge.

Customer Relations another important aspect of any trade show is to continue building your relationships with the customers you already have. This is also another way to measure your results. By strengthening current relationships at a trade show, you again save time and money by having your customers come to you.

New Customers and Leads If you don t actually make any sales during the show you can still measure how successful it was by keeping track of the number of leads from the show that you converted into actual customers. You then simply measure the revenue you earned from those customers.

Smash Hit Displays Can Help You Get Results

Trade shows can be a big success for companies who know how to do them right. If you need any kind of help with your trade show booth, whether it s custom displays or any other kind of exhibit, Smash Hit Displays can help. We offer customized displays at affordable prices, which can help get results. So call us today at 1-877-215-5355 or contact us online.