Make Your Trade Show Display Welcoming. In order to make sales, you must have leads and in order to obtain leads, you must attract the right people to your trade show display. Thus, you should ensure that your trade show display is unique and welcoming to potential visitors.

For instance, you should first and foremost ensure that your trade show exhibit and signage are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, you should also make sure that your staff is equally welcoming to visitors. In other words then, your staff should be friendly and realize that their role is to promote and to aid trade show display visitors. While you want to introduce your product or service to these prospects, now is not the time for hard sales tactics as these actions will mostly likely turn potential customers away.

Collect As Much Information as You Can From Visitors While people initially do balk at giving away too much information, there is a way for you to readily obtain information from prospects. How to do this you ask? Simply offer a chance to win a valuable, desirable prize. This prize can be related to your industry - for example, if your company sells electronics, you can raffle off one of your high-end pieces. Another example, if you are in the service industry is to offer a free package that relates to your services. In all cases though, the product or service offered to the general public must have a high perceived value. After all, there is no reason for visitors to your trade show display to give you additional information if there is a low perceived value.

Engage with the Prospects Besides introducing your product or service to prospects, you should also (gasp!) engage in real conversations with them at your trade show exhibit. You can also ask them pertinent questions in order to discover what their specific challenges are - and to learn how your product or service can be adapted to better suit these particular challenges. Want to learn more about creating a memorable trade show exhibit? Smash Hit Displays provides clients with attractive yet affordable trade show displays and other promotional tradeshow products. Our experienced experts can definitely help you create an eye-catching exhibit that will help draw customers to you.


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