Technology for Trade Show BoothsThe key to turning an ordinary trade show display into an innovative one is simple add technology. People rely on their smart phones, tablets, computers, and other gadgets on a regular basis for both personal and professional reasons, so including it into your custom trade show booth would be the perfect way to generate traffic.

There are many ways to do this, but here are a few ways you could go above and beyond in order to create displays and exhibits that will wow your audience.


Add TV Monitors to Your Display

Incorporating videos or presentations about your company is a great way to keep attendees entertained and patient in your convention booth, especially if you are busy assisting other customers or leads. Most custom trade show displays are set up to allow for plasma monitors to be placed. Don t put them all in one place; instead, strategically place them throughout the booth for potential customers to easily see from all angles. Keep the video professional and consider hiring a producing company to create it for you in order to leave an excellent impression on your audience.

Include Tablets

Tablets continue to thrive in popularity and the hype doesn t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Include a tablet station in your exhibit for a way leads can type in their contact information while you are talking to another attendee. Also having one or two that your staff can hold on to will help capture even more lead information without having to rely on the information gathered from business cards or handwritten notes (which isn t always easy to read). Smart phones can also be used to get the same information.

Use Lighting

When the trade show venue is dimly lit, sometimes the only thing you need to do to stand out is have a well-lit booth. This could include LED lights, halogen lights, or even motion lights. With proper lighting, you ll have the opportunity to spotlight certain parts of your booth. Another lighting option would be to use backlit displays that use several LED lights inside the display system to illuminate the entire booth. Very few booths on the market have a backlit capability, so using a Backlit Display will definitely draw people to your booth.

These are just a few ways you can add innovation to your already existing display.



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