How to Lower Costs at Trade ShowsEven though they currently cost as high as the price of a house, displaying at a custom trade show display should not be a high budget affair. They can offer a bountiful return on investment {ROI} if only you select materials carefully and plan ahead of time. Besides those, here are some of the ways you can use to save funds on your upcoming trade show. Get in touch with Smash Hit Displays for more.


Save Money and Time by Using Fabric Displays

Before you can begin displaying your products at a custom trade show, you will be required to set up your pop up display. There are several materials that you can use for setting up the booth, but you should definitely go for one that is easy to set up and fast to bring down. That has to be the use of fabric displays. It can only take less than five minutes to set up a pop-up fabric display. This is because they come with frame structures that are easily collapsible and can easily expand from a tiny to a 10-feet wide back wall just within a blink of an eye. The fabric pop-ups that are currently available for use in this industry are designed from a kind of polyester that smoothens out faster. This will do away with the creases that occur whenever you use laminated pop-up panels. For an avid believer in the quote, "Time is Money," then you can only save labor and shipping costs by using fabric pops.

Cut Costs With Your Adverts

Technology has literally made the world just one wide village. Popular social media sites have been designed, and they are evidently taking the world by storm. There is no absolute reason why you should not advertise your upcoming custom trades show displays on popular social media platforms. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram give their users an opportunity of announcing when and the where the planned custom trade show will take place. In addition to that, LinkedIn and Facebook will allow you to get in touch with other professionals that are planning to attend the same event. This is one of the best ways of saving costs on billboards or broadcast media adverts.

Save on the Supplies

Whereas there a number of custom trade show organizations that will give you an opportunity of renting add-ons and supplies through them, they charge quite high. This can increase your trade show fee and should be prevented by all means possible. The best thing to do is to purchase items such as furniture and other materials from various stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart, and others. You will save a huge sum that you can use elsewhere.

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