Tradeshow Exhibit Training and StaffingIt may be the trade show booth design that draws your audience in, but it is the staff that determines the success of the event. Hiring the wrong people to staff your display system can be the difference between getting leads and walking away empty-handed. Training these employees is critical so that they know what is expected of them. Here are several rules on what is acceptable behavior in your trade show booth and what won t be tolerated by the attendees at the event.

Put All Cell Phones Away

Especially during show hours, no one is going to want to talk to someone who seems too busy to talk to them. No texting or phone calls should be going on unless calling the office to get information for an attendee.

Staff the Exhibit Appropriately

Have just enough people so that everyone will be able to take a quick break or grab lunch, but not so many people that most of these employees are just standing around. Take into consideration the size of your trade show booth and the size of the convention when deciding how many people to hire.

Save the Networking for After Show Hours

One of the best things about expos is the fact that you get to meet and network with other exhibitors. However, during the convention, your full attention should be on prospective visitors and not on the exhibitor in the booth right next to yours.

Stay Standing at All Times

After hours of standing, it will probably be tempting to sit down, but unless you are on a break, it s important you stay standing. The reason for this is because it may look like you are on a break. Stay standing at all times to let potential trade show booth visitors know that you are available to help them if needed.


This one little gesture can create a warm and inviting feeling at your display stand because it will look like you want everyone to stop by. If you aren t smiling, it could give off the vibe that you are bored or uninterested in talking to anyone.

These tips are simple, but can make a huge difference at expos. Take the time to talk to your booth staffers prior to the show to communicate these ideas and your show booth will run a lot smoother. If you would like even more information to help you choose the best event staff please read more tips here: Convention Booth Staff Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Timothy Carter