At conventions, it is just as important to have knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly booth staff as it is to have eye-catching trade show displays. While you are at the event, refrain from making the following mistakes because it could cause attendees to avoid your display system altogether.

Overlooking Attendees

If you are busy talking to one attendee while others are entering your trade show booth, acknowledge that you noticed them and will be with them as soon as possible. Hopefully you have other staffers who will be able to help you out, but at least greet everyone who enters your trade show exhibits to let them know you are aware they are there.

Talking on Your Phone

Even if you re on a business call, it will appear as if you are too busy to talk to anyone else. If attendees see this, they are most likely to move on to other competing trade show exhibits that will be able to give them the attention they need. Keep your phone in your pocket or car to avoid making this mistake. The only exception to the rule is if you are making a call to your office to get information for the attendee you are speaking with.

Eating or Drinking in the Portable Display

After spending hours on the convention floor, you will probably need a break to have a quick bite to eat or something to drink, but this should not be done while you are working the trade show display. If people at the show see this, they may assume you are on a break and move on to the next convention booths. Save your eating and drinking until you are away from the display system to avoid losing any potential new customers.

Taking a Seat

Sorry to break it to you, but sitting at your display booth is much less professional than standing. You may not be as alert as you should be if you are sitting and, if you are someone who likes to cross your legs or arms, you may be sending the message you don t want to be bothered.

These are just a few of the mistakes that booth staffers constantly make that could be hurting their success at trade shows. If there are 3 things to remember at the event, it is to make eye contact, smile, and acknowledge every person that sets foot into your trade show exhibit.