Common Trade Show MistakesIf you want to make the most out of your trade show booth, avoid making these common mistakes.

Conventions are a great way of putting yourself out there and meeting your target audience face-to-face. As much as trade shows can help expand your business, many exhibitors aren t properly planning. Here are a few common mistake exhibitors are making that is hindering their chances of getting the results and traffic to their trade show booths they want.

Wrong Show

Registering for every trade show that comes your way can be a huge waste of time and energy if the show is unrelated to your industry or your target audience will not be there. What you should do is take the time to research every show you are considering setting up a trade show booth at to find out what attendees will be there and who the other exhibitors are.


No Plan

Would you show up to a final exam without preparing for it first? Probably not. However, that s exactly what happens with most exhibitors. Without a pre-show marketing campaign, your target audience won t know about the event. About a month prior to the convention, get your hands on a copy of the registered attendees from the trade show organizers and send out direct mail pieces that lets them know where your booth will be. Also, let your social networking community in on your display booth information. Posting it on Facebook and Twitter, writing blogs about the upcoming event, and posting videos on YouTube are all excellent and inexpensive ways to get the word out.


Bland Trade Show Booths

Attendees are more likely to stop by portable displays that have giveaways, drawings, demonstrations, presentations, or any other attraction instead of a bland display booth with no incentives. It s alright to bribe people to your display system with free promotional products or the chance to win prizes. Once they are in your booth display you ll have the chance to let them know just how wonderful your products are.


Staff is Unprepared

Knowledgeable and happy staffers are just as important as the design of your portable display. Do not staff your convention booth with people who aren t familiar enough with your products to answer any questions attendees may have. Some companies hold a training seminar a day or two prior to the event to refresh the employees memories on the products or services sold. Also, have some role playing exercises to prepare your staff on the tough questions they may be asked on the trade show floor.


No Follow-up Strategy

Once the show is over, you probably have collected the contact information from several interested buyers. Don t let that information go to waste; instead have a strategy in place so that you know exactly who or what department will follow up on leads after the show. Some businesses prefer the people who got the leads are the ones who follow up, while others rely on certain departments to follow up on all of the leads. If you aren t contacting them, there s a good chance your competitor will.


There will be a variety of trade show stands side-by-side, some of which will be competing against you. With these tips and the right trade show exhibit, you are sure to be a hit at the show!



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