Clothing That Doesn t Belong on the Trade Show Floortrade show clothing displays, We have all seen it. Those exhibitors who are dressed like they just walked down a runway. What most of these people do not realize is that clothing and shoes that look great at nightclubs or high-end events don t work for the trade show floor. Sure, it is important to dress in appropriate attire at trade show displays in order to help promote your company, but here are some fashion no-no s that should be left at home when exhibiting.



• Shoes: Most women love to indulge themselves by purchasing a pair of high heels or other equally uncomfortable shoes. As much as you want to show off your new shoes, trade shows are not the place to do it, especially since you will be standing for hours at a time.

• Earrings: One pair of earrings is perfectly find and may even complement your outfit, but when you show up at the event with multiple rings in your ears and other places on the face, you may actually put some fear into the attendees. Remove any extra facial jewelry and limit the ears to just one pair for a more professional look.

• Under garments: Think practical when it comes to picking out the items you will be wearing under your business clothing and ask yourself one question: Am I going to be comfortable if I wear this all day at the show?

• Perfume: This one doesn t have anything to do with clothing, but can be just as offensive. People do not want to smell the overpowering scent of your perfume. A small dab on the wrists is fine, but any more than that and attendees will begin avoiding your truss display altogether.




• New shoes: New shoes that haven t been worn yet are stiff and can cause blisters on the feet. Give the new shoes time to get broken into before taken them out for an event.

• Pants: Slacks should be ironed and have a professional look. If there are any holes, the ends are shredded, or they are made out of a fleece material, keep them at home.

• Cologne: The same rule applies for men as it does for women; a little dab is fine, but dousing yourself in your favorite cologne could cause attendees to flee from your booth.


Do not negatively impact your trade show experience by wearing the wrong clothing. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your upcoming event.



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