So you think that you are doing everything right and have the perfect design for your show display, but are still having a problem converting leads into customers. The following factors could be the reason your leads arent doing business with you.

Following up with leads is the single most important thing you can do after the trade show if you want to turn leads into customers. Unfortunately, most exhibitors fail to do this, resulting in a disappointingly low ROI. Whether it is the trade show display staffs fault or the mistake is of a different department, leads aren t getting followed up like they should be. If you think you and your staff have been doing everything right and there still seems to be issues with following up, then it may be time to look at the other factors involved in this final step of your trade show exhibits.


You may have given your sales team every single detail they need to move forward and follow up with leads, but that doesn t necessarily mean the job is getting done. There could be a number of factors involved in the fact that potential customers aren t getting contacted after the show, but the first thing you need to look at is the information getting relayed to the sales department. Prepare this department to contact leads by jotting down conversations you had with these people, promises you made to them, their interest level, and any other information the sales team need to know. By forgetting to transfer this information to sales, it could also give leads a negative perception of your company. Communication is key here, so make sure you relay any information the sales team will need to know.

Mail or Email Message

Sending out the same message to all booth visitors is definitely easier, but customizing each message will show potential customers that you remember what was discussed at your display system. Did they have specific questions about products? You could send them a brochure or additional information on the products they are in search of. Were they promised a discount or free product? Include the coupon you promised them? Whatever your conversation with these exhibit visitors included should be incorporated into your email or direct mail message somehow.


Just because you got the lead s information doesn t necessarily mean these people will wait around until you are ready to contact them. Time is vital to turning leads into customers because, if not done in a timely manner, your booth visitors will eventually forget all about the conversation they had with you. Following up should be done between 1 and 2 weeks after the event in order to give these booth visitors time to consider doing business with your company, while still staying fresh in their minds. Waiting any longer than that and your leads may forget all about your products and will most likely do business with the company that did remember to follow up with them.

These are just a few of the factors that could be affecting your post-show results. To recap, make sure your relay all of the information to the sales department, tailor your message to meet the needs of your leads, and do it in a timely manner to stay fresh in their minds. Happy exhibiting!