aching feet at tradeshows2Sometimes it’s the little things that can completely tie a trade show booth together and complete its look. In these cases trade show flooring would be an excellent option. Most attendees may not notice this one little detail, but will notice how professionally designed your booth will appear. Not to mention the fact that their feet will feel much better after a few minutes of standing on the padded flooring.

With all of the foot traffic that occurs at show displays, sometimes in the range of thousands of people, having a high-quality floor can make a huge difference in the appeal of your exhibit. If you are a newbie to using this accessory, here are some tips to using the perfect trade show floor for your booth.



Opt for a Raised Floor
Using raised flooring has many benefits to exhibitors. For starters, they can hide any cords or wires in order to make sure they are not a tripping hazard among your guests. The second perk to using this flooring option is the fact that it can create a separated feeling from the rest of the exhibit hall. This is due to the fact that a border is located on the edges of the flooring. This will allow your visitors to feel a connection to your display system the minute they step inside. One thing you do need to take into consideration is the fact that this flooring option can’t be rolled up, so it may not be the best choice for those who have to travel.

Go for Carpet
Carpet is a popular choice because of its lush feel and easy assembly. However, it is critical that only high-quality carpet is used because the cheap stuff may come apart and have a difficult time outlasting heavy foot traffic. Fortunately, Smash Hit Displays has a wide array of quality, USA-made trade show booth carpet in order to keep up with the hefty demands of trade show exhibiting. It can also be packed up and assembled quickly.

Hardwood Floor
Many exhibitors love the look of hardwood floors because it has a clean, classic look that will add style to any trade show exhibit. Hardwood trade show flooring is often times created from imitation hard wood in order to save money and shipping costs, yet is still extremely durable. Call Smash Hit Displays to find out more about this option.

These are just a few flooring choices to consider for your upcoming event. If you already have flooring, upgrading it is a quick and easy way to completely update your booth. However, make sure the style and color is something that will compliment your brand and booth’s color schemes. For more information, the staff at Smash Hit Displays is always ready to help. Call us at (877) 215-5355 for more tips and tricks to choosing the right floor.