Trade Show Flooring If there is one accessory your trade show booth needs it is trade show flooring. Flooring can add a more personalized and custom appearance than having an exhibit without it.

There are a wide range of options available, all of which will. Help you stand out at your next event. But before we dive into the different types of trade show flooring styles that are available for you to choose from, let's talk about the benefits to adding this accessory to your show exhibit.

Benefits of Trade Show Flooring
1. Comfort- There's nothing like some extra padding to make the long hours on the hard, concrete floor pass by much more comfortably. Fortunately, many options available have an extra layer of padding to keep those feet cushioned and ready to continue walking on the show floor.
2. Adds Professionalism - Flooring has a way of creating a chic, professional appearance. It's a great way to create an office-like environment at the show. 
3. Great for Camouflage - Have a wire that needs to be hidden? Some flooring options, such as raised flooring, will allow you to hide all of those electrical wires that could pose as a tripping hazard for your guests. 
Types of Trade Show Flooring
This type of accessory can add style to your display system, while also boosting your brand exposure. However, it is important to choose the right one for your budget and needs. Here are some of the most popular flooring options available:
Rollable Vinyl
Digital Carpet
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