Trade Show Flooring

Trade Show Floorings

Trade Show Flooring If there is one accessory your trade show booth needs it is trade show flooring. Flooring can add a more personalized and custom appearance than having an exhibit without it.

aching feet at tradeshows2Sometimes it’s the little things that can completely tie a trade show booth together and complete its look. In these cases trade show flooring would be an excellent option. Most attendees may not notice this one little detail, but will notice how professionally designed your booth will appear. Not to mention the fact that their feet will feel much better after a few minutes of standing on the padded flooring.

With all of the foot traffic that occurs at show displays, sometimes in the range of thousands of people, having a high-quality floor can make a huge difference in the appeal of your exhibit. If you are a newbie to using this accessory, here are some tips to using the perfect trade show floor for your booth.


Types of Trade Show FlooringAt Smash Hit Displays we offer a variety of trade show flooring solutions. No matter the size or subject of your event, our flooring is guaranteed to leave a mark on potential customers like no other decoration can.

Looking for a way for customers to remember the logo of your company? Our custom digital carpets and mats are perfect for high traffic areas and can be reused countless times due to their durable structure. As the industry leader in custom printed digital carpets and mats, our cutting-edge process is simply unmatched by any competitor.

Green Trade Show FlooringThe floor underneath your trade show display is like the canvas underneath a painting: it sets the tone for the quality of the presentation that takes place on top of it. Although your audience is drawn to your display, banners, and company representatives, sustainable trade show flooring sets the stage for a positive, friendly experience at your trade show booth. Potential customers may not consciously notice if you have comfortable, Eco friendly exhibit floors - but their feet will surely notice if you do not!

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Upcoming TradeshowsDuring a trade show, getting the attention of the target audience is the most important thing. When your prospective customers feel as though they are in a different environment, they are not likely to forget your products. This kind of environment can only be achieved in a trade show by adding a trade show floor. To add aesthetic and comfort, many companies have adopted the use of show floors in their display events. Other than creating a marketing environment, flooring adds elegance and beauty to the trade show which helps to bring in the crowds. They have an appealing nature and can be chosen to compliment the theme color of you trade show displays.


Trade Show Hardwood FloorsWhen you attend a seminar, convention or trade show, you will undoubtedly see trade show flooring whenever you go hardwood flooring in such events of business promotion. Such flooring has developed in the past several years to become common place in such events. The above has happened with good reason. Trade show flooring has a lot of advantages over a permanent floor space. As a businessperson, these advantages warrant a piece of your attention. The following are some benefits associated with high-grade hardwood trade show floors:

5 Tips for Professional Trade Show Flooring

Trade show flooring are great when looking for a way to boost your number of clients and increase sales and profitability. However, what many people do not realize is that they will need to equip themselves with the knowledge of coming up with great ideas for putting up an excellent trade show flooring and put extra effort. Coming up with the best designs for your booth requires you to learn different tips on how to get the best trade show flooring, and these tips include:

One of the most omnipresent yet rarely rearguard features in any indoor area is the floor. At trade shows, paying more attention to the floor of your exhibit space may help you create the kind of atmosphere you want. Trade show flooring can be beautiful, vibrant, or even impact resistant so that your booth makes a great impression as a whole.

screaming feetSore feet are a comment I have heard hundreds of times at trade show exhibits but most people push through the pain. I still dont understand it. From hard surfaces to high heels people dont seem to understand if their feet hurt, they thinking about their feet and not the task at hand, selling.


Please understand I know what I am talking about, 6 5" and 290lbs. with small feet, I feel your pain. We really need to think what our feet are telling us, I hurt get off of me. We all know the body doesnt lie to us and we need know we are headed for a life time of problem that may not be reversible.

Flooring options for trade show boothsThere are many different types of trade show flooring available for your trade show booth. Each has a unique appearance and style that will enhance the appearance of your booth. All of the flooring is affordable and easy to install.