Your Display is Your CompanyThose of you who own or operate a business are proud of your company. Being proud, you want your brand and your products and services to be seen in the best light possible at all times. And of course, entering into a trade show is an excellent opportunity to market the company, add to your client or customer base, and bring in more contacts or prospects as well. Whether you are a veteran trade show participant, or are just starting, the main two things to remember are: 1) your trade show display is a direct reflection of your company and its values, and 2) you should have an overall plan for your trade show display in order to achieve desired results.

Like anything you do that is important, there are always some opening preliminary considerations. People do not attend trade shows to be sold something; people attend trade shows because they want information, education, and to meet people for whatever purpose. Therefore it is useful to think like an attendee at the show.

Your first opening consideration, then, is to be seen to get noticed! Some elements of getting noticed aside from having a fantastic, professional display are: a nice door prize (with a bowl for a business card drawing), professional dress, giveaways and candy, banners, plenty of business cards, brochures, and marketing materials (information!) A secondary consideration might be to put together a special presentation that people will remember. Another consideration is identifying methods for drawing in people passing by. And, of course you must consider your budget parameters.

Remember, however, that if you are making the investment in the tradeshow to get strong returns on that investment you should not go too cheap , because it will definitely drive traffic to another booth or display. Let people remember you as generous . Be carefully aware of the message that your trade show display conveys.

Next, project ahead to what you hope to get from the trade show. Identify your goals and objectives. Perhaps this is when you should build your display message . Your overall master plan should be built around you primary message , and your objectives/goals. It should be obvious to you that your intended message when defined will serve to determine most of your trade show display needs and graphics.

In closing, please remember that with trade shows, there are no 2nd chances; you must make the best possible, lasting impression. The key to having a successful display that reflects the values of your company is proper trade show planning. Now that you have thought through your primary considerations, it is time to begin writing your trade show master plan, and make it as comprehensive as possible. Your trade show display will reflect your company accurately and impressively with the right master plan.