What Your Trade Show Display Should Communicate to Your AudienceWhether buying new trade show displays, updating a current one, or using trade show display rentals, they should all have one thing in common “ strategically designed for optimum results. With hundreds of trade show exhibits lining the aisles of the event, it is imperative that your customers and prospects know what your company is all about just by looking at it.

Here are some of the questions your booth should answer in order to gain the attention and interest of your target audience.

1. Who are you?

Attendees should not have to guess who you are. Your booth should clearly tell them what your business is all about, as well as what products or services you sell. Potential customers also want to know the story behind the existence of your business and what you stand for. By creating a booth that relays this information, your audience will be able to relate with you and your business, even if they do not realize it.

2. What problem can you solve?

Consumers do not just want to know who you are, but also what you can do for them. Think about why customers should by your products in terms of what problem they can solve. For example, if you own a lawn care company, emphasize how your products or services can create a more beautiful yard. This information should be emphasized throughout the booth so that attendees do not have to even ask why they should buy your products.

3. What makes you different from the competition?

Most likely you will not be the only company at the show that sells similar products. In fact, there is a good chance your competitors have a custom display set up at the same trade show. So, why should attendees buy your products instead of theirs? Well, the answer to that question should be evident in your exhibit. What does your company have to offer that your competitor doesn t? Let attendees know in order to help drive potential customers to your booth instead of the œother  company s booth.

4. How should they contact you?

The worst thing you can do is tell attendees how wonderful your products are without letting them know how to purchase them or contact you after the show. Strategically place contact information throughout your display, as well as in brochures and other printed literature. Also, if there is a website they can visit, it needs to be listed under this contact information. Bring plenty of business cards to hand out to interested buyers and let them know what to do if they want to make a purchase.

Trade shows are an important and beneficial component to any marketing campaign; it enhances brand awareness and will let potential customers know why they should stop by your booth. Make the answers to these questions obvious throughout trade show displays in order to get the best results.