With the economy starting to look up and sales finally going up for most companies, it is starting to put smiles on the faces of small business owners everywhere. Both large and small companies are still trying to cut corners and save some money to make up for what was lost during the recession. It is now more important than ever to participate in trade shows get your name out there in case anyone forgot. Just because you re on a strict budget, doesnt mean you can t have an effective trade show booth. Here are a few tips to enhance the look of a smaller display system, such as the tabletop displays or banner stands, without breaking the bank.

It s all about the accessories!

Make the most of your booth space by adding a table and tablecloth with your logo on it. This is a great way of making the attendees remember you, as well as giving you room to display your products, giveaway items, etc. Use a smaller table instead of a large one to make a small trade show exhibit seem larger. Trade show venues can also be dimly lit, that s where lights may come in handy. A well-lit trade show exhibit will stand out among the completion.

Looking for a way to display your promotional literature without taking up a lot of space? A literature rack may be just what you need. They are very inexpensive, yet will make your trade show display look much more professional than having brochures scattered on the table.

Short and Sweet Graphics

One of the first things attendees will notice about your booth is your trade show graphics. The right tabletop display graphics can have the same impact as a 10 foot trade show exhibit with the right design. The graphics should be able to answer the question Who are you? in less than 3 to 5 seconds. You can accomplish this by using one or two large photos instead of several smaller pictures, a couple of short sentences that effectively describe your company and what you offer (no one will want to read paragraphs, so make sure to keep the text short and to-the-point), and your contact information (website, phone number, email address, etc).

Add a Banner Stand

Banner stands are excellent ways to list out the benefits of your company that you may not have been able to put on your main trade show booth. Banner stands take up very little room width-wise, but can be as tall as 10 feet, making it the perfect way to get more attention. Also, these display systems can be used year-round as advertising tools in your store or place of business. The graphic cartridges can easily be interchanged, creating an entirely new look from the trade show floor to your store s floor.

The Layout Can Make All The Difference

Your trade show booth space should be welcoming and inviting without suffocating the attendees and making them feel overwhelmed. Try to create an open display by spreading out all of your booth elements, such as the table, literature stand, and any other accessories you have added.

Bold Colors Will Make You Stand Out

Use bold colors instead of neutral colors because they are much more eye-catching. Attendees are like cars on the freeway; they will continue walking by until a trade show display catches their eye. Bold colors, such as red, yellow, orange, and green will get more attention than neutral colors like brown, tan, and white.

Trade show booths don t have to be expensive to be effective. Sometimes the most successful booths are the smaller ones because of the previous tips. A unique, cutting-edge tabletop trade show exhibit is the new Linear table top displays. They come with a header and wings, adding personality to your booth. For more assistance on finding the right trade show display for your style and budget, give Smash Hit Displays a call and let our knowledgeable representatives help you.