trade-show-display-productsWhat is the end result you want to get from your trade show display? Always remember: you have just 3 seconds or less to get the attention of your audience, so your booth absolutely must be effective. Do your research; visit the websites of trade show booth providers, shop and compare. However, be wary of those companies that are in-and-out for the dollars!

First, project ahead to what you hope to get from your trade show display or event. Identify your goals and objectives; what is it you plan to take away from the event? This is when you should form your message . Your message is the central information you wish to convey immediately when your booth is viewed. Your overall master plan should be built around your primary message , and your objectives/goals. It should be obvious to you that your intended message when fully defined will serve to determine most of your needs and graphics.

Nearly all of the people who are seeking a booth for a show or other event have a budget parameter to work within. If you have planned properly, written a master plan, defined the message that you want to convey and have specific goals to meet then price alone should not be your primary consideration. No, getting the best possible return on your investment should always be your primary concern.

As a side note: when you speak to a trade show company, they should want to help you meet your objectives, rather than just trying to make a big sale. Buying a trade show display is not something one should do on impulse be prepared with your plan, and talk to a professional.

With that being said, here are some display types to consider:

  • Display Rental Option is an affordable way to get more display for your investment. If you attend only a few shows per year, this option is something to consider. Most often the way this works is that you decide one that fits your plans and goals. Then you pay the purchase price, but you get a 50% refund when you return it in good condition.
  • Custom Display Solutions are one of the best ways to hit a home run with your booth space. If you can imagine it, it can very likely be done. Look for high quality materials, preferably made in the USA, a wide variety of configurations and sizes, and even a display provider who pays the additional charges to design and engineer your custom display.
  • Truss Display Systems are amongst the top of the eye-catching and highly unique displays on the market today. These displays are strong and durable and will last show after show. There are many designs and configurations to select from in truss construction displays. Your truss display is sure to grab attention.
  • Fabric Tension Solutions are amongst the strongest selling display type because they make your graphics stand out and serve well as the base of your display. Add lighting, flooring, banners, counters, kiosks, and more to make your Fabric Tension Display a full display that is outstanding.
  • Hybrid Display Solutions use a mix of display types to stand apart from the crowd. The only difference between Hybrid Displays and Custom Displays is that you save money with a pre-designed Hybrid and, of course, the Custom Display is an exact match for your booth design and message . As with other types, Hybrid displays are available in many sizes and configurations from which to choose.
  • Panel and Folding Displays - can be summed up in two words: Simple, Sophisticated. These are highly portable with very fast set up and take down. Also, these displays are durable year after year, while being very cost-effective. There are several fabric-covered, folding panel, and snap panel displays to choose from.
  • Portable, Table Top, and Briefcase Displays can be very effective when done with flair and proper planning. These displays are light in weight, and yet they convey your intended message with style and versatility. These displays are highly affordable and functional.
  • Outdoor Displays are event tents, canopies, banner stands, and more. All of these displays will support your graphics extremely well and are made to be highly durable year after year.

In closing, I repeat this important message: when you speak to a trade show provider, they should want to help you meet your display objectives and your return on your investment, rather than just trying to make a big sale. Buying a trade show display is not something one should do on impulse be prepared with your own plan, and talk to a professional display provider.