Saving money on trade showsCustom trade show displays are not only used to meet prospects but also to build new relationships and strengthen a business brand. However, this can only be possible if you can make your booth more appealing and in a way that it would be more memorable to the attendees. With its eye-catching design, custom trade show displays tend to set themselves apart from other displays. Of late, their cost has been a topic of discussion.


Smash Hit Displays offers some of the tips that you can follow to ensure that you have an indelible impression on your custom trade show display.

On Travel & Staffing; Bundle and Negotiate

In as much as you have the perfect staffers in the booth and just a good number to go around, your attendees will not take an interest in how they got there and their place of stay. You can cut your display cost by reducing your travel costs without interfering with the experience of your attendees.

A number of hotel sites sell airfare and hotel packages, and they are worth considering especially when trying to cut the costs of staff travels. Your negotiation with hotels should also include other provisions like Wi-Fi, breakfast, business center services and others. These expenses might appear insignificant, but they can add up and affect your exhibit budget.

Wrap The Show Services

Electrical, cleaning and other ancillary services are usually unnoticed by the attendees. However, simple show services swatches can end up saving you considerable amounts. It is always a rule to use the event's official caterer whenever you want to serve food in your exhibit space. The best thing to do is to purchase personally packaged food items that are each sealed in a plastic container. You shall have bypassed the show's requirement of using their caterer since the attendees will not have to eat the food in your booth. This can be considered more like a giveaway than consumable.

Carry Your Own Supplies

The providers of show services usually charge enormous markups for inexpensive commodities like surge protectors, electrical tapes, trash cans, cleaning supplies and others. The only way of skipping such at-show markups is through purchasing your own supplies.

Avoid the Weekends for Installation and Dismantle

Business owners are forced to put up their exhibits over the weekend since most shows begin either on Monday or Tuesday. One disadvantage of installing your exhibit at this time is the high cost that you will have to incur. Talk with the show management to install your booth either on a Thursday or Friday during the straight time.

These are some of the tricks you can use to ensure that you have a cost-effective custom trade show display. Get in touch with Smash Hit Displays for more.