10 x 10 Custom DisplayAs you begin setting up your show display, it s important to consider what is it that sets you apart from the others? If your trade show booth doesn t have some pizazz that will set it apart from the others, then you aren t giving attendees a good reason to stop by your booth instead of your competitor s booth. If you are stumped as to what can be done to make your display booth steal the show, keep reading these tips from Smash Hit Displays.

Location is Everything

The trade show display booths that are often the most memorable are those at the entrance or at the exit of the event. Most people won t remember displays that are in the middle of the trade show hall, since there are dozens of booths that they will be walking by. Choose a spot that is near these high-traffic areas in order to get the most visitors to your display exhibition. Keep in mind that since these spaces are in high demand, they may cost a little extra, but you ll be glad you made the investment.

Use Banner Stands

Some exhibitors prefer to use banner stands alone as their primary trade show display, but I have noticed they are most effective if used in combination with larger show booths, such as truss systems. The reason being that they can be used as small billboards to reel people in and your larger booth will make them want to stick around and find out what your company has to offer. Position the banner display near the aisles so they can easily be spotted as your target audience is walking down the walkway. Out of all the banner trade show displays available, retractable banner stands are by far the most popular since the graphic banner is stored directly into the base of the display, allowing you to set it up in a minute or less.

Have a Plan for Excessive Traffic Flow

If all goes according to plan, you ll have more booth visitors than you know what to do with. However, this can also be a bad thing. What you don t want is for attendees to be standing around waiting for someone to assist them. If your display system is understaffed, keep attendees happy by having activities, videos, or presentations they can watch while they wait for someone to help them. Consider letting your visitors try out a product while they wait. This way, they ll get a feel for it and may be more likely to buy from you.

Staff Your Trade Show Booth Carefully

Don t pick just anybody to represent your company at trade shows. Use the right employees who seem genuinely enthusiastic about the products or services sold, are knowledgeable, and are friendly. Attendees will be much more likely to stick around if they are being helped by someone who knows their stuff and can keep a smile on their face. With these tips and the right show displays, you are sure to become a smash hit at your upcoming events!