Shine at Trade Shows with Hybrid DisplaysExhibiting at trade shows against your competitors can turn into a game of "who can get more traffic to their trade show displays". Hybrid displays are still a relatively new booth design that combines innovation with the traditional, easy-to-assemble construction often found with portable displays. Here are a few reasons to use one of these display systems to help win against the competition at your next event.

A new breed of trade show displays has made its way on the market that combines the aluminum extrusion construction found on traditional modular convention displays, and tension fabric found on new display systems. So, what s the name of these innovative booths? They are known as Hybrid Trade Show Exhibits. These display booths have a look similar to that of custom displays because of the unique wings and headers found with most Hybrid Display Systems, including the Linear Hybrid Display Exhibitions. Several shapes are available for the wings, adding an eye-catching shape to these stunning show displays.

Hybrid Trade Show Displays are one of the easiest to customize, since you are able to pick out the backdrop, accessories, layouts, and styles. Not only do these attractive display systems have a custom look, but they can also be easily modified, allowing you to make adjustments to the height and can be reassembled quickly. Because of this, they can be used for multiple shows.

If you are traveling to the trade show, you ll love how lightweight these trade show exhibits are, reducing the cost of shipping and freight. Setting up is just as stress-free as it is to travel with, taking less than an hour to assemble most hybrid displays. Since they are so simple to put together, there will be no need to hire an outside company to help install it for you.

As I mentioned before, accessories can be added to create that personalized look that will set you apart from the competition. Headers can be added to make your company s name the focal point of the trade show booth, or maybe you d prefer to add monitors to display a presentation or video. You have complete control over the look of hybrid displays.

Not everyone is aware of these convention booths yet, but it has quickly caught on for the very reasons I mentioned and I m sure it will continue to increase in demand.