You need a trade show display booth for an upcoming event. You have selected your display and you are ready to move forward. The first question on your mind is, how soon can I get my display? Its never a good idea to procrastinate when planning for your next trade show booth, but sometimes it is unavoidable. So what are some of the most important turnaround considerations?

A.) Design Time - often times a design needs many revisions before getting the final sign off. Process of elimination accounts for most of this, although if one is designing for a committee then the number of revisions can increase tenfold. The revision process needs to take into consideration - it can be a long drawn out process or it can go rather quickly depending on the needs of the client, how tight is the deadline, how many people are giving their input, etc.


B.) Production Time - after final graphic approval, most display graphics take about 5 days to produce, depending on the manufacturer this can take up to two weeks or longer. Custom trade show displays, especially some of the larger trade show exhibits, can take a month or longer because of the manufacturing needed on the frames. Many manufacturers and printers offer rush production for an extra charge, so be sure to research as much of this ahead of time as you can.

C.) Shipping Time - another largely underestimated piece of the puzzle! Most people are looking to avoid having to pay horrendous expedited shipping fees. Shipping via the most affordable method, you should allow up to five days depending on where your display is shipping from, and the shipping destination. Also, if the shipping is international, be prepared for the possibility that your shipment could get held up in customs for an indeterminable amount of time. If you do not account for the shipping time needed, you may end up with a more expensive and rushed display than you had originally intended.

D.) Shipping Destination - time allowing, do you want it shipped to your office where you can practice setting it up first, and/or be able to carry it with you when you travel? If you are in a time crunch, sometimes the best thing to do is to have it sent to your hotel, or directly to the show site, or an advance warehouse for your event. This often allows for an extra day or two on the shipping, or can end up being the best solution if you have no choice but to overnight your display.

Planning as far ahead as possible can help you to avoid any extra unnecessary expenses. Last minute exhibit miracles can and do happen, but why leave that to chance? Careful research and consideration will result in a display that will impress your audience time and time again.


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